Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What's On My Mind?

hm... i haven't slept yet...

while waiting my parents went home from works, i wrote this..

there's so many things i've thought in my heads..

i just feel that i don't have much time about thinking what will be the next major that i've to chose..

i have to think from right now what will be the best for me..

this is really a difficult decision..

there's many things i've in my head..

my majority on 4th semester.. in the middle.. so i have to decide..

i can't rely on my university... it's not enough from the subjects..

i have to look for another infos..

really close...

time goes by...


sometimes i think i was wrong in chosing IT..

but till when i still regret about this?

I do not have much time to keep feeling sorry for myself..

God...i have to be serious...IT'S A MUST...

Be with me aLways *__*


  1. semangat, tin ^^
    gumulin baik2 ya... :)

    God always walking with you ^^